40+ funny puns for adults since only adults can understand them!

If you read one of my previous articles on punny jokes, you will know what this punny thing is all about. In reality, I am a big fan of puns because they have a tendency to twist something, a text or a sentence and transform it into something really funny. In this article, Hahahumor has tried to bring to you this list on funny puns for adults since only adults would really understand what the puns are all about.

42Looks like he had a stroke

41I got fired!

40Make me one with everything

39You take my breath away!


37I miss you Berry much!

36Coffee Break!

35What do you called a tired pea?


33Stay PAWsitive!

32I hate Russian Dolls.. so full of themselves

31It was nice to meat you. We can Ketchup!

30You need to be spoontaneous.

29Pure Bread Cat.

28What do you call an Alligator in a vest?

27What do you call an everyday Potato?

26Who is the King of all Supplies?

25I Scream Cone!!!

24Bears without Bees

23Chocolate Milk Shake

22Christian Bale


21Feeling a Bit Melancholy

20Get Outta of Here

19Hay… It’s in my Jeans

18He has so many Fans

17Huge Mistake

16I Am under Attack

15I Don’t Wanna Talk About It

14I have never met her before

13I Know A Guy

12It Became Sort of a Habit

11It was tense in the bar

10Kiss under the MissileToe


8Love you from Head to Toes

7Made Quite a Spectacle of Myself

6My Puns are KoalaTea (Quality)

5Spring is Around the Corner

4Subordinate Clauses

3That’s the Silliest Thing I’ve ever Heard

2Well Well Well What have we go there!

1You Hang Around and I’ll go on a Head

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