Top 10 unique ‘Optimus Prime’ car transformations which roll out in style


Autobots, Roll Out! I always loved that expression since I was a kid. I still remember that I used to watch the whole series of the comics ‘Transformers’ after school. Now for this generation, we have a new movie version of Transformers with Optimus Prime as the main lead and with all the special effects, making it more vivid. And the toy industry has developed what we called Optimus Prime toys or Transformers’ toys which are so incredibly cool that all kids just long to get one. And I must agree, who wouldn’t like to have one! If you really want to buy one as souvenir, here is the link to buy one.

But let us not deviate from the core of our article topic. While I was surfing on the net, I came across some pictures of real cars with complete transformations which look so cool that I wanted to share it with you through this article. I really hope that you enjoy these unique car transformations which are totally out of this world. I know that they are way out of my budget, but I dream of having one to drive as a tribute to the kid which sleeps within me.

Toyota Celica by Farhampton

Toyota Celica by Farhampton

via Tumblr

Tuning Of The Day: Honda CR-Z!

2012 Tuned Honda CR-Z
2012 Tuned Honda CR-Z
2012 Tuned Honda CR-Z
2012 Tuned Honda CR-Z

The Black Beauty tuned by Brabus!


via Fancytuning

One of the best Modified Ford Focus tuned by Arabs

It is a modified Ford Focus. Get it? Why would anybody do something like this with Ford Focus?
On the other hand this car has arab plates and those guys do some crazy things with their cars. But probably it’s just a new hero from the new Transformers movie. Focusimus or Fordimus 🙂


Limitless Mazda 6 tuned car

Limitless Mazda 6 car

The Ford Mustang of your Dreams or Mine!

The Ford Mustang of your Dreams

The Viper in its modded version

The Viper in its modded version

The Ford GT in its full modded form

Modded Ford GT

Nissan GT-R Copzilla Cop Car

Nissan GT-R Copzilla Cop Car

My favourite for the last: The Ford Mustang Cop Car

Ford Mustang Cop Car

Note: Just to add, did you know that if you turn the logo of Transformers upside down, what do you get? Click here to know!

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