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How creepy would celebrities look without eyebrows

Will Smith Taylor Lautner Sacha Baron Cohen Rowan Atkinson Rihanna Nicolas Cage Natalie Portman Miley Cyrus Megan Fox Leonardo DiCaprio Kim Kardashian Katy Perry Kanye West Justin Beiber John Travolta Jimmy Fallon Jessica Alba Jeniffer Aniston James Franco George Clooney Emma Watson Elijah Wood Daniel Radcliffe Cara...

Google knows a lot about gender

Google sees everything and knows all. That's a fact and no one can deny that. This is the true story about Xiao Tian, a...

20 actresses who have their look-alike in the porn industry

Each one has got a look-alike in this world. But imagine what if the one who looks a lot like you works in the...

The secret of everlasting beauty of celebrities revealed

Have you ever wondered how come celebrities are always so beautiful, sexy and does not have any dimples on photos and magazines. Well, we...

10 Actresses who had to drastically change their looks for a role

1.Anne Hathaway as Fantine in the musical drama misery British roads (2012) 2.Teena Brandon as Hilary Swank ,...

10 funny pictures of michael jackson [Tribute]

As a tribute to Michael Jackson, we have compiled a list of 10 funny pictures of Michael Jackson. He was the thriller guy who...

Enjoy eating a Big Mac with the gorgeous McDonald’s “goddess” cashier

Woman Hsu Wei-han working at the front counter of a McDonald’s restaurant. A young woman working at the front counter of a McDonald’s restaurant has...

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