Memes to prove that everything is possible when Mc Guyver says ‘I can fix that’


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When I was a little kid, I remember I used to watch several episodes of Mc Guyver every Saturday on the TV. I always enjoyed watching the series with my eyes riveted on the screen for several hours. What I like about Mc Guyver is that he will always come up with the most unimaginable solution whenever he would be confronted with any problem. He was always the ‘I can fix that’ type of guy. And I so wanted to be like him as a kid that I used to disassemble all electronic equipment in the house (and not being able to re-assemble them again) and now I became an engineer.

Hahahumor has brought to you these memes to prove to you that you can also be the ‘I can fix that’ type whenever you are confronted with a problematic situation. Wouldn’t that be great if you could say ‘I can fix that’ to anyone confronted with a problem?

Alcohol fixes just about anything

Error. Not a Valid Facebook Page Url

Happy Mother’s Day

I am the only one that can fix that

I can fix that

But I can’t fix Stupidity

Imported from another country

Only I can fix the USA

Stinky Pits?

Too busy to feed the baby?

We can fix it

What if I told you..

When a hot girl complains about being single

When your crush says that they don’t have a Valentine

Yep that’s the engine

Your chakras are misaligned

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