25+ funny autocorrect texts from parents gone bad are just hilarious


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Technology and Parents are two different worlds. Parents are normally familiar with the standard type of technology of mobiles whereby you use the normal buttons to send a text message. With the advent in the technology of smartphones, parents find it difficult to adapt to the new type of messaging which involves autocorrect. By autocorrect, I mean that the phone is the smartest one when you type your text and tries to predict the word as soon as you start typing some alphabets on the text area. Parents, in particular, when texting a message to their children or friends, often come up with funny autocorrect text fails which are really hilarious and worth seeing. When they send the autocorrected text messages, the results tend to have different and hilarious meanings, which you will see as you scroll down this post.

Hahahumor has brought to you this list of the most funny autocorrect texts from parents gone wrong for our readers’ entertainment. If you are a parent from the old school, you will definitely understand the plight of these parents when faced with this new technology of autocorrect on smartphones.
































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