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Being myself a huge fan of video games like Fifa, Pro League Soccer, Far Cry or Call of Duty, I can understand the plight of my gamer friends, who have an addiction to gaming and are scotched to their screen from morning till night. If you follow the buzz, you must know about that sexy Mexican Weather presenter, Yanet Garcia, who got dumped by her boyfriend, because he was not having enough time for his professional Championship Gamer career. Coming back to my personal experience, I still remember when I was a little kid, I always dreamed of having a PSP game, which was really the top console to have at that time and during those days, the price was not given. It’s only later when I had started working on my first job and with my very first salary, I managed to buy the PSP-3000, the latest one at that time – just imagine how I was glued to that during all my free time. As a tribute to my gaming friends, I want to write this article on gamer memes in the hope that it will help them to become less addicted to gaming world and be aware of what lies outside in real life. So Gamers rise up and scroll throught this post!

I forgot to add that, nowadays, we also have virtual reality gaming, whereby the inventors have gone beyond the barriers to bring you as closer as possible to the reality of the gaming world.

In fact the net is so filled up with gamer memes, that I could not fit them all in this article, so I tried to select the most funny and enjoyable ones and put them below. If you enjoy, please share with your gamer friends.

Top 25+ Gamer Memes Just for the Gamers





gamer memes























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