32 funny message fails which will keep you laughing off your chair

Millions and millions of text messages are sent each day throughout the world from mobile phones. Among these text messages, there are some which are sent when in drunk conditions, or high or when you are a parent. And in these conditions and situations, you tend to send hilarious text messages. We have scrutinized from our many sources to be able to list out these funny message fails just for fun. Hope you enjoy these funny text messages.


32 funny message fails which will keep you laughing off your chair

I need some inspiration here

funny message fails

We got donuts!

Will you be my princess?

Do you believe in ghosts?

That was too cruel!

Changed all my contact names apart from you, bitch!

I am so proud of my boyfriend.

Hagrid you are real!

Try to bite your nose.

The party was at your house.

Send me xxxx pics!

The tap water is running out!!!

I found your phone, Adam!

A tortoise cannot swim.

I am the fruit ninja!

I heard you like bad boys!

Guess who’s pregnant!

Happy Birthday Mom!

Laying in my bed naked in the dark!

Leaving Walmart.

I told him every year.

What do you think about this dress?

I need to pass gas.

Wrong Person or Right person?

#25 Best way to fit in a bad news!

I ran into your ex.

Remember that pink Mercedes!

What are you doing tonight?

We will meet again in another life!

I can’t paint the room blue.

Cookout’s cancelled.

Wanna see your ({})!


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