35 double meaning ads so well designed make the best marketing ever

Double meaning ads are the latest trend these days as they captivate the required attention and lead to conversions and sales for the public. You tend to see a lot of these kind of ads on billboards. They intend to show something upfront, but in fact there is another meaning behind when you stare at it for a longer time. This is an ingenious way of market advertising which big companies now utilise presently which lead to millions of sales and profit. Don’t blink an eye whenever you look at these double meaning ads to have a grasp on the meaning behind. Hahahumor has brought to you the very best of double meaning ads so that you can practice and dont have to blink an eye the next time you come across one of those on a billboard.

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Wanted: One night stand!

Precision Parking by Volswagen

The right hanger for your undergarments

Thursday is Ladies night!

I like fresh buns.

Let us keep dreaming of a better world.

Difficult to to take a mouthful of it.

A new level of flexibility.

How to make a kiwi seedless?

Always live your life in extra large.

It’s a half moon night

The best lubrication potion ever.

Want some kissies or bookies?

What are you watching?

Just have fun tonight, that’s all!

Always give the best food to your dog, it will help you afterwards.

Natural Style.

Think Popped!

Make things look near.

Blow your mind away!

Don’t aim that high for the Olympics.

Always look for the best opportunity to take a shot.

Fastest delivery ever just like delivering to your neighbor

Keep your beaches beautiful.

Horse Power under control!

Thinking about Chuppa Chups?

Want to keep awake in office?

Nothing is worth more than a Pepsi!

Pepsi is what we only want.

Trust us. We deliver it fast.

Finally, a fry good enough!

Scared of a smoked chicken?

The safest car ever!

Don’t let your imagination make you a fool!

double meaning ads

Sharper than a regular knife. Don’t ever sit on it.


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