Top 10 advertising brands re-invented with honest funny advertising slogans

What are brands? Brands are tags assigned to unique products or services that we use in our daily lives. It is only through brands that people differentiate which products or services are the most suited and adapted to their purpose. Brands are so deeply anchored in our daily lives that we identify them with their logos and slogans or taglines.

I still remember as a teenager of the first brand logo ‘Nike’ for shoes because at that time, Nike shoes were the latest fashion trend despite being expensive. And everyone knows their slogan – “Just Do It”.

In this post, I will show you some of the famous brands and logos that you know of and recognize but with re-invented funny advertising slogans and taglines that you will agree with. These re-invented slogans and taglines are so funny that they are almost honest.

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Little disclaimer here, this post is not intended to harm the famous brands, but uniquely for entertainment purposes.

Monopoly – A World War 3 Game.

I still remember playing games of Monopoly at the beach-house during long weekends. It can be really frustrating when you start to lose and your opponent buys all the land and build hotels at the expensive places. The games always ended in fights with toppling the game board over.

I totally agree with this new slogan, it can indeed ruin friendships.

Bic – We always have a Bic product at hand

That is so true. Everyone must have a Bic product in hand, be it a Bic lighter, pen or rasor blade. It’s almost as if we have not bought any of them but being given by someone else.

I think the reason for having a Bic always at hand is because they are very easily affordable to buy and that’s why almost everyone has a Bic item.

Amazon makes you become lazier

Amazon fast delivery and prime service makes us get whatever we need ordered at our doorstep at the click of a mouse.

Levi’s – The waterproof jean who doesn’t let anything IN or OUT

That’s the typical property of Levi’s jeans being very resistant to wear and tear and not allowing anything IN or OUT.

Perrier – The most expensive water on Earth

If ever you have bought one of these water bottles, you definitely form part of the rich people. Who would pay such a high price for water apart from rich people, when you already have water readily available from your taps.

Activia – As expensive as it is, it serves its purpose

Even though it is very expensive, if it serves its purpose as mentioned in the slogan, it is totally worth buying it.

WebMD – You get diagnosed with all illnesses with it

If you have checked their website and used their ‘Symptom Checker’ feature, definitely, after entering your details, you will be diagnosed with terminal illnesses that you never thought of.

Subway – The only bread which keeps up with you all day long

Eating at Subway is just like eating at a perfume store. The bread smell imprints on your clothes the whole day.

Starbucks – The only decaf which keeps you up all day

If you want a coffee, always be rude.

Gillette – With more blades than required

They keep on adding blades but the function still remains the same.

IKEA – The hardest puzzle to solve ever

If you have ever tried to assemble a table or any other furniture from IKEA, you will always find a part which doesn’t click in, but they will assure you that every parts have its fit.

Maybelline – Makes you become a different person

Comparing Maybelline to Photoshop is justified. This kind of makeup has the power to completely change your appearance just like in Photoshop.

Visine – Helps your eyes get sore

WD-40 – Never around when you need it

Harley Davidson – for your mid-life crisis

Linkedin – Connecting to people for no reason at all

Toblerone – The only gift that you get at airports

If you have a Louis Vuitton, it’s most probably a fake

Pepsi – When there’s no Coke

Netflix – Makes you spend too much on searching rather than watching

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