Top 10 worst feelings in the world that we can experience in life

We all have things that we really dislike in our lives and in this world. And these dislikes and quirks make us really uneasy. While most of those uneasy feelings are very common, some of them are very specific to the individual. For example, one of the worst feelings in the world, according to me, is having to drive in your car behind a slow moving car, with the road free ahead, no possibility of overtaking, and I am running late for office. Another worst feeling for me is when I need to touch dirty coins or elastic bands; I can feeling something churn in my stomach when I touch these.

Artist Jacob Andrews has taken it on himself to draw up the definitive 10 Objectively Worst Feelings in the World, in a hilariously tongue-in-cheek manner that we can all relate to.

These aren’t deep and meaningful feelings relating to issues of life and death, these are first world problems of the very worst kind!

The comics are part of a series he has made on College Humor, which also contains The 10 Objectively Best Feelings in the World if you feel you need to balance yourself out with some positivity.


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