35+ differences between cats and dogs which are so hilariously funny

Just like humans have lots of differences among themselves, similarly there are lots of differences between cats and dogs. The rivality between cats and dogs are a never-ending battle, such that it has become an expression which we usually use and apply to humans, “fighting like cats and dogs”. And most pet owners like to argue on the superiority of one pet over the other. Wee, to end up this debate, Hahahumor has brought to you the best collection of funny ‘They Can Talk‘ comics about the differences between the four-legged companions. Jimmy Craig started ‘They Can Talk‘ in July of 2015. “I’ve always loved animals and comics,” he said. “When I look at animals I try to imagine what they can actually be saying.”

It seems that Craig has thoroughly explored the minds of these members of the animal kingdom, constantly finding new and funny perspective on how they view the world.

“I think animals, like humans, have their own unique personalities so it’s fun to imagine the conversations they might have.” From interacting with humans to enjoying hobbies, these illustrations cut to the very core of what these adorable creatures seem to be thinking of on a daily basis. Craig – who is currently petless – said he likes both cats and dogs.

“But if I had to pick one I’d say I’m more of a dog-person.”

The artist, however, will probably have to forget his preference at least for a little while. “My wife just told me we’re getting two cats really soon.”
































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