10 worst toys ever made and so useless in the toy industry

Kids go crazy when they hear about toys and they jump around in excitement whenever they are given one as gift. However, the kids of this generation have become very demanding in terms of the toys that they want to play with. Thus the toy industry have to think of innovative toys just to satisfy their demands, However, not all ideas are what you would categorize as great. Hahahumor has compiled this list of the 10 worst toys ever made in the toy industry just for its young readers.

List of the 10 worst toys ever made in the toy industry

Narwhal Play Set With Animals to Impale

10 worst toys ever made

This play set comes with not one, but three animals for the narwhal to impale. Think of all the fun your kid could have with this totally inappropriate toy!

The Avenging Unicorn

Kids love unicorns, except when that unicorn can kill them with their horn. You can’t buy this impaling unicorn in stores, but you can buy it on Ebay.

Poopy-Time Fun Shapes

It’s really nice to have some fun time with the kids playing poop shapes. You can make star-shaped or heart-shaped poops all day long.

Pee & Poo

I doubt kids want to have a plush toy poo-shaped like the color of pee and poo. Anyway, maybe there are some kids who like to cuddle these toys to sleep.

Daddy’s Saddle

There is nothing like saddling on daddy like a horse. Now, with this Daddy Saddle toy, make it more realistic and double the fun.

Jurassic Fun Water Bomb

Squirt water over your friends at free will with this toy. Remember adults, this toy is for kids, so wandering off of your dirty imagination!

Shave the baby game

Kids can start to learn about the basics of shaving at an early stage with this original toy from China.

Baby’s First Baby

It is so fun to play with a baby doll which gets pregnant. Even though it seems illogical for the adults, kids just love them.

Pie Face Game

Play this family game at home and receive a pie right in the face.

Poop while you play Dora

The title says it all. The problem with this game, you might see your kid poop all day long.

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