The Top 10 Unbelievable and Weird Websites to visit now in 2021

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I have this list I made for my readers, not just any list, but a list of the top 10 unbelievable and weird websites to visit which are still accessible on the internet in 2021. First of all, evidence suggests that there has been around 1 billion websites which have been created so far, and this number continues to increase substantially each day. The internet also holds so many strange stuffs like funny google tricks along with these top weird websites. Whilst on one side, there are the common type of websites being created , which are categorized on blogging, technology, shopping and gaming. On the other side, there are some special types of websites which are categorized as being weird and totally worthless today.

As you scroll down, you will see creepy websites, useless websites and also some weird old websites from the 90s.

Top Weird Websites to visit now in 2021

At this point, you know what this post is all about, so why not venture in this world of strange and weird websites along with your friends. The top weird websites to visit and that will cure your boredom are just within a few scrolls down, so don’t delay no more.

1. OMFGDogs

Weird websites to visit - OMFGDogs

The founder of this website must have been really fond of dogs. However I don’t understand its purpose. I suppose ‘OMFGDogs’ stands for “Oh My Fxxking Goodness Dogs”.

When you check the url on the link below, you will see a colourful screen with many dogs running. And at the bottom right, a text saying “help keep the dogs running” by doing a donation via Paypal.

Watch out for the flash and bright colors, it can be really disturbing if you stare at them for long; the dogs might even run after you!!

2. The Endless Horse

Weird websites to visit - The Endless Horse

The title in itself is very descriptive on the content of the website.

Typically, the website has got a white background on which a poorly drawn horse out of punctuation characters and centered in the middle.

The special attribute of this horse, like its name suggests, is as you scroll down with your mouse, the legs of the horse continues elongate almost endlessly.

Most probably, you get bored scrolling down after a minute, but you should try it yourself.

3. Funny Worm

Weird websites to visit - Funny Worm

Funny Worm is all that you want if you want to wiggle as you move your cursor. It is just a fat black worm with two white dots in the form of two eyes.

What’s really funny about the website is the url which is “staggering beauty” I just have one thing to say to that, “I see nothing beautiful in the worm!”.

Also, do not move your mouse too quickly and erratic, you might see flashing images; there is even a warning sign about that on the website.

4. Ducks are the best

Weird websites to visit - Ducks are the Best

Who does not like a duck? I am sure everyone likes a duck. What if there are a millions of ducks- that makes it overwhelming or too much much ducks?

With this website, you can test it out- just move your cursor on the screen and as you do it, you see yellow ducks filling the screen.

That’s not all!

5. Eel Slap

Weird websites to visit - Eel Slap

From the list of the top weird websites to visit, this website goes out of the lot and was made with intent only for frustrated people. What I mean by that is that, whenever you are mad at someone or pissed off with your boss, and just want to release your anger, that’s the url you want go.

Basically, the website has a small screen on the center of the page with the picture of a guy. When you mouse from left to right and vice-versa, the guy receives a slap on the cheeks with an Eel. Yeah you heard me right- an eel!

So why try to use this strategy to relax whenever you are mad, I am sure it will be really helpful. And in my opinion, I would rank this one as first position in this list of the top weird websites to visit on the internet.

6. Chicken on a Raft

Weird websites to visit - Chicken on a Raft

As you check this website link, you will see it has a basic layout of a chicken wearing cool green specs and standing on a raft.

The uniqueness is the really catchy song and music which will make you rock forth like never before. The song is titled “Chicken on a Raft”.

There is a counter ticking as you stay on the website, saying, “You have been on a raft with a chicken for x number of minutes and seconds”. Really bizarre.

7. Corn Dog

Corn Dog

By far, this website is among the weirdest ones in my list and is really useless. I would rank this in second position in the list of top weird websites to visit.

I would like you people to judge by yourself by visiting the url.

8. Make Everything OK

Weird websites to visit - Make Everything Ok

Probably everyone wish there was such a button which on clicking would make everything ok in this world.

Well, look no further people, I have finally found the “Make Everything Ok” button.

I had to scrape from the depths of the web to find this miracle button to solve all your problems.

Just try, I am sure it will work for you!

9. Pointer Pointer

Pointer Pointer

This is by far the one among the most worthless and unusual websites ever you will find on the internet.

First of all, it is odd in the sense that it is no clear objective of being there.

On the other hand, it was designed and developed very creatively; wherever you mouse cursor points, it displays different images pointing at your cursor.

Thus, it is worth clicking on the url and trying it out.

10. The Best One for the last!


Darth Vader is back shouting out a rythmic “Noooooooo” at the click of a button. 

What’s nice about it, is that there is even app available on Play Store. You gonna ask me, is it useful? You wont get any answer from me. I will just say, please judge by yourself.

Why does these Weird Websites from old school matter?

We should be conscious of the fact that these websites are the foundation and pillar of the web industry. They have contributed to the development of popular and well-developed websites that we know of today.

Will they re-surface and become recognized as the founders of the web industry instead of stigmatized as being worthless? Therefore, this is debatable and I personally think, will be left unanswered.

Also, there is another question which arises. Will the owners keep paying the hosting fees to keep these weird websites alive?

Bottom line!

Weird and unusual websites are long forgotten, but they still co-exists with the common websites that we use everyday. Please share if you liked my post on  the Top 10 Unbelievable and Weird Websites to visit now in 2021. You can meanwhile enjoy this video of weird websites here:

Or if you want to share similar urls of weird unusual websites you have come across so far, please send us the links. Or if there are any links which are no longer working, please report it to us.


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