Are these the Top 25 funny yearbook quotes of 2018 for graduating seniors?


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For more than four years, you have been bossing around and doing the hardest of stuffs in high school like trying to attend class on time or working late hours on the eve of deadline for return of assignments or even getting lashed out of the classroom by the teacher for no reason. and you are finally there, graduating as a senior. One of the best memories I personally have from graduating as a senior is my yearbook quote. It is the only souvenir that you will be leaving behind for the newbies that will be joining high school, so it must be something really striking you need to write in no more than a few words but which summarizes your experience in high school or the legacy that you want to leave behind. Some graduating seniors have chosen to leave really funny yearbook and sassy quotes behind and Hahahumor has brought to you this list of the Top 10 best funny yearbook quotes for graduating seniors and we hope you like it as much as we find it hilarious.

Make it Worth it. Grab a breakfast.

I spent so much hours for a paper and a handshake!

Voldemort is not in my head-wrap.

Good to know.

Too lazy to make a quote!

Looking for a Nigerian Prince?

Don’t put something stupid for your quote!

I ate a bagel, so what?

I prefer to fall asleep!

Old McDonald had a farm

Huge fan of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Love the haircut style!

You like coffee or you don’t like coffee?

Look at the Negro face!

You should have stayed in the closet!

Fries before Guys!

High School Musical Fan

Seems that your computer screen has more prospects than you.

The Guy who was too sure of himself.

The Scientific kind of Approach

The Italian Recipe!

You don’t look so mean, Girl!

Should have burned the place down.

A Quote from my mum!

Where is my Super Suit for Graduation?

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