Photoshop guru nails it with photos making it hard to differentiate between fake and reality

Photoshop is the next best editing tool to have for the moment. There are just no limits with possibilities with this software. I once saw a video on Youtube whereby the photoshop guru, that’s how we call the photoshop expert, edit a picture of a slice of pizza and convert it to a sexy woman in bikini using photoshop. The result is just amazing; you can find the link here. With the advanced level of photoshop skills prevailing on the internet, it becomes very difficult to differentiate edited photos from fake and reality.

Let’s take for example the Instagram account of the young Indonesian Syahril Ramadhan, also known as the photoshop guru; you will wonder how he managed to be friends with so many celebrities on his pictures.

In fact, he is so good at photoshop editing that he inserts himself in all photos involving movie celebrities making the photos appear real and untouched.

Scroll down to see his amazing skills in action.

More info: Instagram | Facebook


Photoshop guru with Justin Bieber


He is the man


Photoshop guru with Barack Obama


Photoshop guru with Ryan Renolds


Photoshop guru on Spiderman


Photoshop guru's wedding proposal


Photoshop guru sweeping the leaves


Photoshop guru with no money


Photoshop guru asleep


Photoshop guru surrounded by beauties


Photoshop guru eating ice-cream


Photoshop guru still asleep with beauty next to him


Photoshop guru showing Thor the way


Photoshop guru preparing for a oil massage


Photoshop guru diverting girl's attention


Photoshop guru preparing protein shake for Ronaldo


Photoshop guru in Jumanji 2


Photoshop guru at the service of a beauty


Photoshop guru as a superhero with Photoshop powers


Angry Photoshop guru


Photoshop guru doing the selfie with hot blonde


Photoshop guru playing playstation


Photoshop guru on Tom Cruise


Photoshop guru fishing for food


Photoshop guru smart with Chris Hemsworth


Photoshop guru taking the group celebrities photo


Photoshop guru eating on the bench with blonde beauty


Photoshop guru with Wonder Woman


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