20 little known english words which are still useful today


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Are you a fudgel at work? Or do you have the feeling of dysania everyday? Do you encounter ultracrepadarian people at work? These little known english words and old school words are just as useful in the past as it is today.

The English language has definitely evolved over the years and become much simpler to use nowadays. However, they still have their significance now and have the same meaning. HahaHumor has helped these forgotten english words re-surface just to increase your knowledge and vocabulary. You can still use these words in your meetings just to see the perplex and ignorant faces of your colleagues.

You might see some of them jot down the word on paper to look for its meaning afterwards in the dictionary or on the internet.

The past english literature is back again in this awesome post on forgotten english words.

Source: History Hustle.

List of 20 little known English Words





















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