Not all super heroes wear capes! Get the proof with these really funny pics!

If you spend most of your time on the internet, you will quickly understand that there are many villains out there. However there exists some super heroes out there who do not wear capes and who are there to protect you from all these bad ass news which can burn eyes and fry your brains and are there to look after you. Hahahumor has brought to you this list on these brave heroes, who are there to fight not against the Penguin or Joker, but fighting against the villains out there to make the internet a better world to surf.

Got awarded the student driver sticker

Check Toilet Paper before Committing

The real hero does not leave anyone or any beef behind

Not all Heroes wear Capes

Are you thirsty?

A friend in need is a friend indeed!

There you go!

I would care for his kids

Shopper’s sweet revenge

Not all super heroes wear capes it seems

Good you checked ASAP.

Suffer you but do not let the others suffer.

Good to know.

I did not know the UPS Guy was a hero.

Incognito mode

Get yourself gone Dave. You deserve better.

The Real Saviour at the Airport

Bringing a Welcome Mat to the protest

At least he saved someone in his imagination

We have the Real Hero here!

You are Safe Now Little Guy

Love All

Team Spirit at Work.

When you need milk for your cereal at nearly two o’clock in the morning!

I got kicked out of the debate!

One of the Best App ever created by our real Hero

That’s the real hero who saved my day.

Bringing pizza to everyone for a treat

The One Guy who does not want to dab it.