Funny love riddles for her to spice up the relationship between you two

Laughter is the key to a strong and stable relationship between couples and you can definitely achieve that through funny love riddles for her.

1What did the sculpture say to his girlfriend?

2What is mine but only you can have?

3Did Adam and Eve ever have a date?

4What did the boy light bulb say to the girl light bulb?

5When does Valentine’s Day come after Easter?

6What do you call two birds in love?

7It is not in your tummy but somewhere above. It is thought by many to be the symbol of love.

8How does a vampire refer to his sweetheart?

9Why did the man ask his wife for a map?

10Why is it difficult to find handsome, sensitive, caring men?

11How do you spell a pretty girl with only two letters?

12What happened when the man realized he was in love with his garden?

13What did the man with a broken leg say to his nurse?


14What do farmers give their wives on Valentine’s Day?


15Why did Carbon marry Hydrogen?


16What did the Valentine card say to the stamp?


17Who has married hundreds but always been single?

18What is the difference between love and marriage?

19Why did the woman fall for Dracula so quickly?


20What are the three rings off marriage?


21What did the paperclip say to the magnet?

22What did the man say about his Korean girlfriend?


23What did the boy squirrel say to the girl squirrel on Valentine’s Day?

24Why did the cannibal break up with his girlfriend?


25How do French chefs make you love them?


26Did you hear about the romance in the tropical fish tank?

27What three words are said too much, yet not enough?



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