The 6-month girl with Ridiculously Amazing luscious hair like Elvis Prestley

I am sure you must have heard of Baby Chanco, if you followed the news recently. If you have not, let me refresh you with the story. It’s all about a six-month girl with luscious hair which are extremely long just like a grown-up adult.

While so many people take vitamins, make use of natural remedies or make natural implants for having hair growth, Baby Chanco beats them all with its naturally long and dense hair at a very very young age.

Baby Chanco is a six-month old girl born in Japan. Her mother posted her photos on Instagram and that’s where the baby’s very exquisite hair became extremely viral. Most people had a very hard time believing that the pictures were real and thought that it was re-touched on Photoshop. But let me tell you, it is indeed real and her hair looks somewhat like Elvis Prestley, in my opinion.

Chanco was born with hair and as the months went by, her hair continued to grow and grow to give way to dense and exquisite hair. Take a look at this cute and beautiful girl below and if you stick to reading this post till the end, I will share with you a secret of how to have your kids have long hair when they are born just like Baby Chanco.

More info: Instagram

Baby Chanco just at the moment she was born


In just 6 months, her luscious hair grew like Elvis Prestley

Baby Chanco with Elvis Prestley hair

She became so popular on Instagram with her photos posted by her Mom

She became the Star on social networks

Right Now she has 69.5K followers

Scroll down to see more pictures of the cute Baby Chanco

Baby Chanco with luscious hair

Let me tell you about the secret of how kids can be born with luscious hair, not as much as Chanco, but nearly as much. There is an old tradition from my country, Mauritius, an island in the Indian Ocean, whereby pregnant women are advised to eat lots of greeneries, especially the ‘brede‘ and eventually, this will lead to kids born with lots of hair.


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