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Young Artist draws ‘funny comics about life with my boyfriend’

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The name is Tsoy Sasha,nicknamed ‘Sashotso’, native from Kazakhstan. She is 23, a freelancer and illustrator. She is also a travelling artist, currently based in Asuncion, Paraguay. Sashotso graduated the Media and Communications course at Goldsmiths, University of London with a First Degree (Hons). She is a specialist in animation and storyboarding, though she considers myself an artist of many fields. Besides being 25% Kazakhstan, She is also 50% Ukranian and 25% Korean. Yet she speaks Russian as her mother tongue.While she finished high school and university in the UK, she met her boyfriend, who is half Colombian and half Irish, yet was born and raised in London. That’s how she got the idea of drawing ‘funny comics about life with my boyfriend’ and surprisingly her comics managed to make it to people in other countries since she was able to master three languages and her funny comics were translated to these languages.

People really enjoyed her work and this encouraged her to make more funny comics and illustrations. Please look down below to see some of her work in relation to living with her boyfriend and which relates the simplest things which happens in a couple relationship.

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