Love is in the air meme pictures which will send you running for cover

Love is such a thing, which when expressed, catches everyone’s attention. You must have heard the famous expression, “Love is in the air”. An analogy to that expression has been expressed through the  ‘love is in the air meme pictures’.  Why do we call it like that; in fact its the way people interprets the love which appears very obvious in a couple. However, since this is a funny website, we need to discuss it on a funny note. In this respect, we have a compiled a list of the most funny love in the air memes.

Enjoy these love in the air meme pictures

These memes definitely show us that when love is in the air, it is obviously time to run away for cover.

#1 Sheldon retaliates the love

love is in the air meme

#2 Is that bacon?

#3 Is that love in the air or smoke?

#4 Love is toxic!

#5 Get out the gas mask!?

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