Olivia Mears makes gorgeous wrapping paper dress after the holidays

The excitement you feel when ripping the wrapping paper of a Christmas gift is so extreme as compared to the torn and thrown away shiny paper enclosing the beautiful gift. North Carolinian costume designer Olivia Mears had the brilliant idea of re-using these thrown away wrapping paper to turn them in beautiful dresses. The ingenious idea came to Mears back in late December of 2013, and after going viral with her first design, it became clear that the eco-conscious wrapping paper dress would have to become a yearly tradition.

“I’m continuously inspired to find unconventional or recyclable things to make dresses/art out of,” she wrote about the concept. Each dress is composed of recycled wrapping paper, ribbons, bows, and plenty of glitter.

If you’ve ever imagined what a Disney princess might wear to a Christmas party, this is undeniably it. Thus, as a tradition each year, she started making these gorgeous dresses after the holiday.

Scroll down to see these amazing dresses designed by her; no one could ever have imagined that such intrinsic dress collections can be made from wrapping paper.

More info: Official SiteFacebookInstagramTwitter.

“I’ve been making dresses from wrapping paper after the holidays for a few years,” says designer Olivia Mears

wrapping paper dress

“This is the first wrapping paper dress I made back in 2013 from paper and decorations leftover from the Christmas mayhem”

“There are few things I enjoy more than giant bows on butts”

“The most recent one from this year. I used the paper that was left after wrapping gifts for this dress”

“[2014’s] dress made from paper, decorations, tape & glue, also with a petticoat for support”

“I’ve reconstructed this one a few times, once after getting caught in the rain…”

“I’m continuously inspired to find unconventional or recyclable things to make dresses/art out of”


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