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Funny Toilet signs you can totally relate to [40+ pics]

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Toilets! Yeah you heard it right. We are gonna talk about toilets in this article; more precisely about toilet signs. People with very innovative ideas have thought of really funny toilet signs to differentiate between men and women’s toilet. Go through this list to see the most funny toilet signs, uncommon and creative toilet signs you have never seen and that you can totally relate to. If you see more funny toilet signs in your surroundings and which is not present in the list, take its picture and send me a message in the comment section below or send me an email with the photos by clicking on the “Contact Us” link.

We have a toilet for Aliens now!

The Avengers Toilet – Captain America vs Wonder Woman vs BB-8

It cannot be more explicit than that!

Who does the BLA BLA more?

Is that a palace in Tunisia or something else?

Pussy or Not Pussy?

You will also like to check out these funny toilet out of order signs.

Beware of the Pervert little Man in White!

Why does the little woman in the sign have Devil Corns?

It must be someone who loves frogs a lot!


You must have eye for these i’s!

Minnie and Mickey is in the Toilet!

Look for the Pair of Shoes that fits you!

Hot Dog or No Hot Dog?

Classical Olivia and Popeye Sign

Bunny or Smiley Face?

Bottle or Glass of Wine?

Toilet Seat Cover Up or Down?

Want a Slice or the Whole Pizza?

Unisex Toilet!

Care for some Sausage and Eggs? But there is no Bacon.

Peach or Banana?

The Simpsons!

Which Chromosome are you?

You just need to select the right Underwear. If you don’t have one, then we have a real Problem!

Keep it simple. Balls or No Balls?

I prefer to be a Chick Magnet.

Bolts and Nuts Toilet Sign

You want to be which of these two stars?

It’s all about the right perspective!

Toilet Sign in Turkey

You just need to have the right Connector.

Left or Right?

Have the Urge?

Toilet Sign in LEGO Style

Plug or Socket?

It’s raining Men or Women?

Unicorn or Uni-cycle?

Original Toilet Sign!

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