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I want to present today the work of one my favorite cartoonist and comic artist, Cedric Hohnstadt. He illustrates really nice cartoons on his website, Sketchbook Illness. Today, I just want to present his recent work, which got really viral on our social networks. It acquired over 93,000 views on Imgur and over 189,000 views on Reddit.

Cedric Hohnstadt

You are invited to join his Patreon backers and get early access to his cartoons, exclusive bonus cartoons, and other goodies. Rewards start at as little as $1/month.

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I wanted to show you some of his nicest cartoons so that you can get a brief overview of his talented works.

Color cartoon illustration of a wealthy couple in their mansion. In the first panel the husband asks, “Care to join me in the ballroom?”. In the second panel they are playing like kids in a room full of colorful ball pit balls. Copyright © 2016, Cedric Hohnstadt. All rights reserved. https://www.cedricstudio.com

Color cartoon drawing of a piece of white bread talking to a piece of toast and saying, “Nice tan.” Copyright © 2016, Cedric Hohnstadt. All rights reserved. https://www.cedricstudio.com

Three-panel color cartoon sketch of Batman pulling off his cowl to reveal his hair has been matted into the shape of two pointed ears. Copyright © 2018 Cedric Hohnstadt. All rights reserved.

Color cartoon illustration of a mother kangaroo pointing to a pouch full of toys and telling her son, “Clean your room!” Copyright © 2018 Cedric Hohnstadt. All rights reserved.

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