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Sloths are mammals known for their slowness of movement and also for spending most of their lives hanging upside down on trees. One of the most common insults that can be attributed to someone is being as slow as a sloth. Many people often get called as sloths in office by their boss because they delay in doing their work or assignments. Another facet of sloths is that they act like they have a very cool attitude despite being slow. And one thing that many people don’t know about sloths is that they can be seen as lazy and eating leaves all the time, but they don’t gain any fat. Well ladies, I am sure you are dying to know this secret about sloths not gaining fat. If you are a web addict, you will know that sloths have become very famous on the internet, in kids movies and mostly have become the prey to internet as funny sloth memes.

Hahahumor has thus brought this collection of very funny sloth memes for its readers to be entertained.

We now know when they will win!

Liverpool winning the league

Act Casual

Act cool

You turn me on!

You turn me on

Guess What!

Sloth being cheeky

The 7 Deadly Sins

7 deadly sins

Look at this!

Look at this boob

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Do you like to Move it Move it?

I dont like to move it

My Plan for the Day


The Weekend is finally here!

It's Saturday - Sloth

I enjoy long romantic walks … to the Fridge

I enjoy long romantic walks to the fridge

Look under your bed

Look under your bed

If ever you feel stupid…

If ever you feel stupid

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