Funny dog texts to owners sent using their tiny little paws

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How many times have you ever wondered what your dog was trying to say when he barked at you? It would have been great if you had a translator or understood every little bark.

When I think about it and look at my dog barking, I always imagine him saying, “I want to poo in the toilet”, but in reality I don’t understand him and he just poos in the living room afterwards.

Well look no further, we will be your translator and just imagine if your dog could send you a text on your phone, how would that be!

Scroll down this post to see this list of funny dog texts to owners sent and the hilarious conversations occurred.












Did you know that cats are the greatest enemies of dogs? They can be really hilarious – check out these funny cat memes.








If you are greedy for more funny content, check out these funny autocorrect texts from parents.

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