Top 20 pictures will reveal to you why men live longer than women

Actually, it should have been the other way round, that is, Women should live longer than Men. Let me tell you why this is not the case. In fact when Women drive cars, that’s where their secret of long-life fails completely. I am not trying to be mean or anything or even making my own opinion, the pictures below will reveal the truth. This is also true based on an article written on Sunday Express, but not totally because of car accidents only. I believe the fact that women are poor drivers can be explained by always wanting to feel secure even while driving as compared to men being care-free while driving. Most women have this constant fear of accidents while driving and are always cautious, paying to all little details and stay rigid with their backs straightened up behind the wheels. And that’s when the accidents happen, when you tend to be too cautious and stressed, when in fact, it should be the opposite; you need to be relaxed while driving to avoid accidents. On the other hand, Men being relaxed while driving, are less prone to car accidents and that is why Men live longer than Women.

Women like to drive on large roads with lesser traffic, but you know that’s not possible on main roads. As they see more cars on the road, their stress level peak up and they are now in defense mode. And if ever, you are sitting next to them in the passenger seat, don’t dare to talk to them; you will definitely regret it as you will see a monster growling at you!

Hahahumor has brought to you this list of pictures showing why Men tend to live longer than Women. This post was written just for fun and to entertain its readers and in no way intended to be mean to women drivers. Hope you enjoy and share this post!





















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