Cool lunch bags for kids to help them break the ice at school

My name is Dominick and i’m a dad in California. Generally, parents provide home lunches for their toddler and assume their job is done. Not me. I took it a bit further to the next level. For approximately 4 years or so, I’ve been drawing on my son’s brown paper lunch bags when he is taking them to school. And I’ve already decorated more than 550 bags up to now. These cool lunch bags for kids are just the right way to help them make their stand and socialise in school with the other kids. Even though my kid is in middle school now, he continues to take these decorated lunches to school.

I’ve even had to do lunch bags for his football games when it’s our turn to bring snacks.

Some people say breakfast is the most crucial meal of the day, we adore to think lunch is the most creative.

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Drawing the Wolverine Marvel Hero

Abstract drawings including the starry night painting

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Cartoon collection. Kids’ favorites.

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The popular celebrities of America

Star Wars Limited Edition

Funky comic style lunch bag

I don’t remember where I saw that comic character

The Chandelier in Beauty & the Beast

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Batman from the Lego movie

Starry night looking more original than the real one.

The monster from Spideman

A scary seal just to scare the bad kids away

Maui lunch bag

Super Marvel Heroes

The famous Power Rangers

Villains characters


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