What if Disney princesses with realistic bodies were drawn instead!

Disney “body standards” has been one of the hot and most popular topic of discussion since long. The question which we all ask is,”Does Disney draw realistic princesses?”. A lot has been said among viewers and illustrators on how Disney princesses with realistic bodies should be drawn. One woman shared her opinion about the matter on Reddit. The issue got really viral on the net and I quote one of her comments goes like this: “Do these people really think a mermaid who swims constantly would be fat?” This so happened after she saw Curvy Disney Pinups By Ashley Beevers. Everybody loves Disney, but do they show realistic Disney princesses or divert from reality! Let us scroll down to see the work of Ashley Beevers and also the comments of the woman’s opinion on these from Reddit.






#Snow White



Now let us see the woman’s reaction (nicknamed veethebunny on Reddit) and comments to the above Disney princess characters with their realistic bodies.

Image credits: thetruebodyposi

Most people agreed with her strong words

Others, however, had different opinions


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