Since I was a little kid, I am a huge die-hard fan of Marvel comics superheroes. At that time, having a comic book was a real luxury since it was really expensive. I still remember that I took at least one or two comic books each week from the library to follow the adventures of my favourite superheroes like Captain America, Spiderman not to forget the famous Iron man, and how they looked in the comic books. But now, on seeing the new release version of the film Avengers (Did you watch the new movie released recently in April titled “Infinity Wars“?), I am a bit septic on how the movie makers designed the superheroes along with their costumes. I am not saying that they did a bad job, but being a fan of Marvel comics, I would have really preferred that they stick to the initial costumes. In this instance, to show you the real contrast of this change, Hahahumor has put the Avengers’ characters in their new costumes in contrast to them wearing the old costumes as designed by the comics people.

Let us go through each of these characters one by one and see how their costumes have evolved from when they were created by the comics people to the newly-designed costumes from the Avengers to see what the avengers should look like in reality.




Scarlet Witch




Captain America


War Machine


Black Panther


Iron Man

Black Widow



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