11 funny tattoo fails people wish they could just erase

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Traditionally, tattoos were intended to break the norms and symbolize rebellion by marking the body for life. Today tattoos still serve the same purpose but are used mostly for fashion. Nowadays, you get all kind of tattoos ranging from cute little butterflies or dragonflies to scary large skulls, snakes and Koi tattoos. And what’s more ambiguous, are the unusual places that people get their tattoos done; in fact, they get tattoos done on just about every part of the body. However, since having a tattoo is a permanent thing, you need to go with the best tattoo expert, which is usually really expensive, with the tattoo prices ranging from as small as $50 to $5000, depending on the type, complexity and size of tattoo. To avoid spending that huge amount of money, many people go to novice tattoo makers and are then left with unusual and funny tattoo fails on their body for the rest of their lives.

Some people prefer to have tattoo name writings instead of animals tattooed on them, but if they go to non-professional to get their tattoos done, they are left with misspelled tattoo names. Everyone claims to be a tattoo artist, but are they really experts in the field? This you can answer by yourself as you scroll down this post with pictures of funny tattoo fails.

Tattoo fail..keep it in the family

Source: Reddit.com

I noticed a tattoo fail on someones facebook page that only Reddit could fully appreciate

Source: Reddit.com

It’s supposed to be ‘Life is an adventure’


You got it all wrong. Trump is still your president.

Source: Phillipmcd

Spot the odd one out from the Marvel superheroes.

Source: Twitter

What year is that?

Source: smbbnbn

This will teach Andy a lesson!

Source: trooper843

Believe in yourself and never lose Hoop

Source: EDJE666

When you think you are a fan of Bon Jovi, but you are not!

Source: Runt of the Web

I think GOD will judge you because you spelled this tattoo wrong.

Dad’s Little Aingel!

Source: ElectricEye

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