60 brilliant and funny boat names which will shine bright over the seas

We hear this famous expression at least once in our lives: “What’s in a name?”. Well, in fact everything is a name! It serves as an identity and should represent pride in being called that way. We are not talking about people here, but more precisely about boats. If you possessed a boat, you should have a name which reflects the identity of the boat as well as you, being the owner or captain. However, on choosing a name for the boat, the effect can be like the two sides of the coin; either you win and you have one the best brilliant boat names or you lose and you have one of the most funny boat names ever. Either way, whatever name you choose for the boat, you remain the owner or captain aboard. Hahahumor has brought to you this list on the most intelligent and funny boat names that you will find sailing on the seas.

From the list, I just love the boat called “Unsinkable”. Just imagine, you are the captain with your captain hat, and you are sailing on the sea with the breeze flowing against your face on a ship called “Unsinkable”; great feeling right? Please tell us which one of these funny boat names you prefer in the comment section below at the end of the article.

1What you looking at?

2Now the kids know what they are inheriting!

3Wasted Seamen

4Obviously the ship will sink if you name it ‘Titanic II’

5That’s what Dad named the ship after he retired!

6Liquid Asset

7Yeah that’s the secret ingredient that we need for sailing.

8If we can really afford this boat, then this is how our pockets will be!

9Did you bring a beer along?

10Busy in a meeting right now!

11Knot for sale, but I see a ‘For Sale’ sign on the boat.

12She will surely get over the breakup!

13Just Swallow it!

14Everyone should have a favorite mistake if it’s a boat like this!

15We definitely need some Vitamin C!

16High C’s.

17Totally Sober for sure!

18Seize the day!

19Some Assembly Required.

20Attitude changes all the time.

21You will have ‘No Worries’ with this boat even when it is sinking.

22The Wet Dream.

23Master Baiter

24Not sure! Why?

25You got Tom Cruise featuring in the movie ‘Top Gun’! One of the best funny boat names ever.

26Very well thought and original name for a boat.

27Best boat names for siblings!

28Error 404!Not found!

29The only ship that cannot be sunk.


30Someone needs a good therapist here!

31Definitely worth every penny.

32Going broke after buying this ship.

33The Pugboat pirates crew sailing over the seas!

34Not too bad indeed!

35After the divorce, she got the house and me, the boat!

36Don’t fall under peer pressure!

37It’s high About Time.

38It just a lot of BS!

39Shit Happens! But I will like that kind of shit to happen daily.

40Predicting what will happen ahead.

41Shameless Hooker!

42The CodFather…

43It’s a fact. Zombies can’t swim.

44Not stolen. It’s good to precise.

45Describes the pain went through to buy this boat.

46In a minute!

47Let your imagination go wild!

48I am afraid not!

49Kinda Mine!


51See Ya!

5250 Shades of Me!

53Reality or Illusion?

54Usain Bolt, the fastest one on the seas!

55Oops, someone put a wrong name there on the boat, it seems!

56This boat has been bought from drug money.

57Yeah Boy!


59Quarterlife Crisis!



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