World Cup: Neymar Memes are the next viral thing after Harry’s Royal Wedding


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Everyone is in front of their TVs watching the World Cup and enjoying the football matches till late hours. There are so many thrilling and delightful moments which have happened in this World Cup matches, which will mark us until the next World Cup in 4 years. However, the most viral event which occurred is the Neymar dive-in and roll-out event, faking the injury so well like an actor. Even though Neymar is a player known for his great scoring and dribbling skills, on the other hand, he is also well-known for his acting and theatrics skills. The internet is full of his tantrums and videos making fun of these special skills that he has. Well, this moment has created an uproar in the humor industry, with a multitude of funny memes dedicated to Neymar.















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