60 World Cup Memes Got Sanctioned A Yellow Card For Being Too Funny

The Russia World Cup has brought with it lots of wonderful and thrilling moments. There have been lots of yellow cards sanctioned but not as much as in the world of humor, when we see the amount of funny pictures involving World Cup memes, funny Neymar memes to funny videos about the players’ fouls and actions. It seems that funny pictures and memes are updated more frequently and rapidly than the live scores of the match themselves. Hahahumor has brought to its readers this list of the 60 most funny World Cup memes you will ever find on the net and through viewing these funny memes, you will hopefully live the funny moments of the World Cup in Russia.

Actually, Highsnobiety has written a very interesting article relating the World Cup memes and humor, about how Brazil got kicked-off by Belgium and England missing penalties.

1All the Misses

2Columbia receiving yellow cards

3But you did not do anything

4Brazilian struggle

5Both are equally strong or equally weak

6Biting is my favourite sport

7Belgium at the World Cup right now

8As a Frenchman fan

9Another World Cup Surprise

10And sometimes the villain wins

11Correct, Kids!

12Fifa Cartoons

13Every time I ask someone out

14Even his balls save balls

15Enough is enough

16England’s condition right now

17Do you have protection?

18Different type of fans

20Croatia versus Denmark

21Fighters and Actors of the World Cup

22I will see you in the finals

23I want to see my team from the finals

24I always believed in them

25Hopefully they will meet at the airport

26He fly back

27Goodbye and Thank You

28Football is not good for my heart


29First minutes of the game

30First match without goals

31In good Company

32Pain Scale


34Neymar acting like a kid

35Next stage entry pass

36Needs some more salt

37Messi waiting at the airport

38Messi ready for the next stage

39Is this Rugby?

40Is it just me or?

41Peace is not an option

42Two Girls No Cup

43Those guys who send mexicans back home

44This is so boring

45This idiot revealed my Wifi password

46The most painful thing ever

47The face off we all wanted

48Suarez was here

49Speed kills especially at low speed

50So True!

51Watching the World Cup!

5214 Minutes!

World Cup memes 1a

53Women are complicated

54Why Spain lost the World Cup!

55Which Afro destroyed Japan better?

56Where is my penalty?

57When you say bye and going in the same direction!

59We are waiting for Neymar

60This relates the World Cup stats for the moment



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