Top 5 most stunning and weird sculptures ever created

Sculptures are normally supposed to reflect the creativity and innovation of artists. However, sometimes these sculptures when created by certain artists, even the most popular ones, appear very funny and looks nonsense to the public. Normally, sculptures can cost of millions of dollars, but I really doubt it that these funny sculptures will even be sold for more than $10 unless people are completely blind. The other strange thing is that these artists do not see their created sculptures like we do. They always see them as the best creations ever. For the time being, have a sneak peek into the artists’ creations of these top 10 most nonsense and weird sculptures ever.

The Melting Cow in Budapest


This sculpture was recently featured in Budapest in Hungary. It is the work of artists András Hajdu, Balázs Magashegyi, and Krisztián Imre. What’s funny about this sculpture is that it is supposed to represent a melting ice-cream but in fact it is a melting cow with a wooden stick stucked in its ass and in a ble colour. It is difficult to understand the motive behind the artist’s mind to create such a weird sculpture.

The Upside-Down Horse in Prague, Czech Republic


I would add this to my list of the most useless and weird sculptures ever. I don’t really understand the purpose of creating a sculpture of someone riding an upside down horse. The credit of this creation goes to David Cerny, Lucerna Passage (Pasáž Lucerna), Novésto. If you look well in the picture, the sculpture is in front of a café; therefore, you can enjoy a hot cup of coffee while watching the horse’s buttocks.

The Middle Finger in Milan


The sculpture bears the title of L.O.V.E., which stands for Libertà, Odio, Vendetta, Eternità (Freedom, Hate, Vengeance, Eternity) and was created in 2010 by the Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan, known for his provocative works. The title in itself is contradictory to what it is supposed to reflect, but it is a quite impressionable piece of sculpture.

China Baby riding on tank


A sculpture of a baby on a tank is displayed outside a cafe at the 798 art zone, a decommissioned machine tool factory in Beijing, China 14 May 2009. After many months in the doldrums there are signs of recovery in the Chinese art market. One of the most original and weird sculptures indeed.

Bull fart sculpture


The “farting bull” sculpture by Chinese artist Chen Wenling is pretty straightforward.  It depicts an explosive fart by the golden bull of Wall Street pinning a demon-horned Bernie Madoff to a wall.  One writer described the sculpture as weird, wild, and wicked.

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