30 funny sleep memes because it’s way past bedtime

It’s 3 a.m! Your eyes are wide open and awake. How hard you try, the sleep just does not come and you start to desperate. You have even tried to count the number of sheep crossing the fence again and again. You have had a heavy meal or stressing too much after a hard day’s work. And you know the alarm is just around the corner just to jump you with a crazy tone to make you wake up. But how can you wake up if you are not asleep. Hahahumor has got a whole encyclopedia of funny sleep memes prepared for you so that you can scroll through on your smartphone if you are still wide awake at 3 a.m.

Enjoy these funny sleep memes!

#1 Are you asleep?

#2 I will get right to that

#3 Gimme more of these bottles

#4 Just so tired.

#5 How to get more sleep?

#6 When you got 20 more mins to sleep!

#7 How I sleep.

#8 Never ever sleep on your hand.

#9 Someone woke me up from a nap once…

#10 This happens to me all the time.

#11 Your secrets can get revealed when you sleep.

#12 The force awakens.

#13 Sorry you cant sleep.

#14 Forget everything now.

funny sleep memes

#15 It’s a lie.

#16 I don’t usually sleep but when I do…

#17 I am just resting my eyes.

#18 I even dream about sleeping.

#19 Finally got my Dad to sleep…now let’s bring the house down.

#20 Your arm is the best pillow ever.

#21 Falling asleep on a train.

#22 Sleeping like a boss.

#23 Wake me up when Monday is over.

#24 When you forgot to text Bae back but…

#25 Count the sheep…it works sometimes

#26 Got a full 40 mins last night…

#27 Either let me eat or let me sleep

#28 Just going to take a quick nap

#29 Why fall in love when you can fall in sleep

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