The Kush-ion that stops breasts going bump in the night

If you’re one of the pert few whose breasts stay put whether you’re standing up or lying down, you’ll be scratching your head in wonder at the plastic cylinder that is the Kush.

But for women of a C cup or over, or anyone with implants, or those pregnant or nursing, this unassuming girl’s gadget could prove to be a saviour.

The makers of the Kush claim that by slipping one between the breasts before you fall asleep, heavy chests will be properly supported, affording a comfortable night’s sleep and allowing you to wake up as unwrinkled and as pert as ever.

Kush-ty: The plastic cylinder slips between the breasts to prevent breasts from weighing on one another

Source: DailyMail

They say that the device helps women with larger breasts sleep on their sides more comfortably by supporting the upper breast, and in addition, it can help prevent backache or night-time discomfort caused by breast surgery.

Inventor Cathinka Chandler says: ‘As women age, wrinkles and folds can form between the breasts. Because I sleep on my side, I learned that gravity and the pressure of my breasts resting on top of each other was the culprit.

‘Kush offers more natural rest for the breasts for a more comfortable sleep.