These comics perfectly illustrate the side effects of over thinking

Not everyone has the ability to affirm the level of confidence in all their daily actions. In general, most people tend to overthink and think of all possible scenarios and outcomes whenever they come across situations in life. In my opinion and from personal experience, women rank first on the top podium of overthinking. I am not being mean, it’s just that when you observe them, you will see how much they think again and again about very simple stuffs. As an example, if a woman needs to wear a clothes for a party, just see how much time she takes in thinking about the dress she will wear. Not only that, she will think who else will be at the party and whether they have already seen her wear that dress before. Women are the masters of overthinking and they don’t realise that they are many side effects of over thinking. What do you think are the side effects?

Well, the artist Connor Delaney has very perfectly illustrated the side effects of overthinking of both man and women through a comic, which you can scroll down to see.

It’s drawn in an Inception-style comic, which I find really original.

More comics from the artist on Twitter.

side effects of over thinking



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