Best secret hiding places for valuables in your house


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Almost everyone has some amount of cash, jewellery or legal and important documents and contracts in their possession.Those people could have easily deposited them in the bank vault for security, but they need to have them in handy whenever the urge to use them arises. The only way is to hide them at home in very secured places. However, if the house is not well adapted, the most secured places can become the easiest of places to find and eventually the prey for burglars. Therefore, some very genius architects have devised secured areas within the house layout, which are the best secret hiding places for valuables. While other people have thought of creative ideas to put their valuables or keys in unimaginable secret hiding places for valuables.

Hidden Wall Outlet Safe

Secret Drawer In Window Sill

Behind The Murphy Door

Hidden Chair Compartment

Secret Photo Frame

Secret Bookshelf

Doortop Stash

Secret Safe From Old CD’s

False Bottom Secret Compartment

Battery Secret Compartment

Potted Plant Secret Compartment

Birdhouse With A Hidden Box

Functional Tile

Secret Compartment Coffee Table

Magnetic Photo hideout in photo album

Phone Jack Secret Compartment

Drawer With A Secret

Secret Place Inside Of A Curtain

In A Trash Can

Secret Door Bookcase

Hide House Key Outside With Pill Bottle

Jar That Looks Like Full Of Grains

Hornets Nest Hiding Spot

Secret Crawlspace Access Door

Secret Jar Inside Of A Toy

Mayonnaise Jar Spray-Painted With Cream-Colored Paint For Plastic

Hide Valuables In Fake Pipes

Basement Steps Secret Storage

Cabinet Hidden Storage

Hidden Compartment In A Globe

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