The best funny rock painting ideas to send as gifts


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You might as well ask me, “What can we do with a rock?”. Well, let me tell you there are so many things you can do with them, some of them which you would not have possibly thought of. Let me start with the the most unimaginable use for a rock, which is really unbelievable and this is selling a rock, plain as it is picked on the ground. If you dont believe me and have never heard of the ‘Pet Rock’, check the link here @ $19.95, but if you click on my link here, you can buy it at ONLY $16.95 if ever you are interested in having one just for fun or as a pet. Now let us focus to the title, many people with creative rock painting ideas, have managed to make really interesting and funny pieces of art, which you can surely sell or gift to someone.

One little anecdote I would like to add here, “Paper does not always beat Rock!”.













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