25 Iphone vs Android memes to keep the battle running forever

There has always been an long-lasting and never-ending battle between Apple and Samsung in terms of technology update, that is why, I got the idea on writing this post on Iphone vs Android memes. Before getting into the topic of this post, let us look at a bit about some facts about the fight between Apple and Samsung. They have always been competing over each other on the latest technology and just recently, I read a very interesting article on how Apple won $120 million from Samsung in a slide-to-unlock technology battle. Apple alleged that Samsung had infringed two of their patents in relation to the slide-to-unlock technology. This was not the end- Samsung revenged back with the loss of royalties by Apple (article can be read here in details on Courthouse News Services).

Personally, I have experienced and tested the technology change and transition from android to Iphone and I can confidently say that it is not only a battle between Apple and Samsung, but also a battle my personal choices. There always have been a feature which dominates the other in both brands and you, being the customer, remain perplex. This list on Iphone vs Android memes will perhaps help you in making your choice on the best among the two brands.





























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