10+ People with disabilities showing their sense of humor with these incredible Halloween Costumes


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Many people with disabilities feel like it’s the end of the World to have a disability, and they don’t participate in national events. Well, let me tell you, that there are many disabled people who will prove to be brave enough to show their unique sense of humor by bracing the Halloween event with these incredible Halloween costumes.

Being creative is one thing, but these Halloween costumes go beyond the level of spookiness. Go through them and experience these people’s courage, happiness and sense of humor.

Tribute to Cherry Darling

Cameron Yee

Superman and Spider-man are the best team

Let us fly the dragon high

Black Dragon

The pirate strikes back from his pirate ship


It’s leg day at the gym!

Leg Day

Oops I cut one leg for Halloween


That looks really spooky when you see that at night!

Elliott And E.T.


Amputee Adventure Time Costume


My One Armed Friend Is Dressing Up As The Guy From 127 Hours.

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