How to get a girl to like you again after she broke up with you?

That is the worst feeling for a guy whenever her girlfriend suddenly breaks up with him for some stupid reason. Guys normally cant handle these kind of situations very easily as compared to girls, who make it seem like they just don’t care. Let me tell you one secret guys which you never knew of! Girls do care and feel hurt when they break up but they have that ego and image to maintain. Like I say you just need to crack that nutshell to get to the soft stuff inside just like a coconut. If ever you are in this situation and you wonder “how to get a girl to like you again?”, well, my piece of advice is to following steps to get her back and crack that nutshell.

Look happy when you meet her! 

how to get a girl to like you again

That’s what will irritate her the most because you will be showing her that you are the one in control. And let me tell you guys, girls always want to be the one in control.

Ignore her completely when you are with your common friends.

Girls don’t like to be ignored and specially when they had a close relationship with you.

Make her jealous by having an interesting conversation with a female friend.

There is nothing greater than World War 3 except from girls being great rivals. It’s scientifically proven, girls don’t like girls. They can be the greatest and closest friends and on the other hand, they can become the worst enemies. Being close to someone else other than her in such a period after the breakup will trigger her jealousy and possessiveness.

Don’t answer her text if she texts you.

And when you meet her and she asks you why you didn’t answer her back. Just say you were busy with your work or the best answer will be,”I was busy chilling out with my friends at the pub!”. You see, girls want you to be miserable after they break up with you and if you seem to be enjoying without her, then this will be the drop of water which will make the glass spill.

Be the most handsome guy in the room always.

After a breakup, you tend to neglect yourself by not shaving or not styling your hair. In fact, you should do the opposite and still dress the way that she liked you to be dressed. And then one day, just change your outfit and dress differently in something she doesn’t like. That will trigger her possessiveness for you.

Final note:

Well, if these above steps do not work, then you are better with someone else because you deserve better. But on the on the other hand, most probably, if you follow these steps on ‘how to get a girl to like you again after a breakup’ perfectly, definitely, you will quickly start observing the expected results, that is, she will get back to you and say that she did a mistake in leaving you. Then, at that time, you will be in the one in control and you can decide whether you really want get back together or leave her. You win in both situations as you will become more confident.


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