20 hilarious breakup notes couples have used to separate

Breakups are really hard to experience. It’s not always easy to announce to your partner that you want to break up with him or her. Some like to do it the soft way while others do it the hard way. Most people don’t want to confront the other either due to anger or feel bad and just leave a breakup note behind. As you scroll down, you will see 20 hilarious breakup notes that we have selected for you.

Your Valentine Gift

Laura is a very nice girl, she has the decency to leave the clothes at the mother’s house and did not them outside the window.

What I can also deduce is that Laura kept the house and also got Gary. Even though all fingers are pointing at her as guilty, she did apologize for giving this unexpected gift on Valentine’s Day.

He just loves Pizza

Just because your partner loves pizza so much, it does not mean that giving him a pizza with a breakup note makes it alright.

In the end, we will have someone who has no girlfriend but at least his stomach will be full.

Poems convey the right emotions

It all starts with an innocent looking poem about “Things I like about coffee” and then intensifies into something harsh about “Things I like about you”.

I would not wish to be in the shoes in the person receiving that breakup note. It is very collateral in terms of breakup.

Billboards work best for maximum attention

Billboards help convey the convey the breakup message easily but the problem is that everyone gets to know who is cheating who.

I pity Steve, who is obviously cheating on her wife Emily. Emily has got proof and even got everything on tape and she must be really smart to come up with the billboard idea.

Road Signs can also do the job

While driving on the highway, you are always on the lookup for road signs. And that’s how Jennifer got her breakup note and it looks so harsh.

The guy has been so creative with those road signs and have even imposed an ultimatum of 6 days to move out. Poor Jennifer! Let us hope she does not have an accident on driving on the highway and seeing these road signs.

Choose the correct answer

Here, we have the guy or the girl who has been really creative and given a choice to the other on how to break up. Even though the person will not dare to reply this, this breakup note should definitely work.

Imagine you are the one receiving this breakup note, what will be your reply?

Cheating Revenge as a Riddle

That’s why I always say “Never leave your Facebook account open. Always log out!”. She took the liberty to pack your stuff and very smartly removed you out of the house by leaving you a breakup note with hunting tips to get your stuffs.

She didn’t break or throw anything, which is a good thing. Stupid guy to leave a smart girl like her for a certain Keisi – And what’s Keisi, is that even a name? I wish you a happy hunting, my friend.

Dear Dave

You just cant do that Dave! Cheating your wife even though you have kids. Well, now you are the one to lose everything.

You are only left with the car which needs to be refurbished with no money in the bank. Way to go, wifey! Smart move!

Nothing better than a cake

Receiving a “Happy Breakup Cake” is just genius. There is only sweetness and no harshness.

However, I would be scared to eat that cake, even how beautiful it looks, less there is poison in it.

Advertising on the newspaper

Very good idea to put a breakup note on the Advertisement section of a newspaper, but I doubt it that the person concerned might see it.

There is a high chance that the concerned person will come see you again, doing as if nothing happened just because he did not see the ad on the newspaper.

Best breakup message ever

Most people like to breakup through a message as it is the most easiest way. However, the problem is that sometimes people just does not realise that it is a breakup.

The message above is typical of how two people dont think along the same lines. They have opposite thoughts, each being on the two extreme ends.

Roses are red

This is what I think as to be the best breakup note ever. You start with something sweet like a poem and then finish by going straight to the point.

That couple was of the romantic type, unfortunately it did not end as expected.

All must Go

Smart move Bro! Organizing a Garage Sale and showing the whole neighborhood that the wife cheated on you.

You are now single, ready to mingle along with some cash in hand. Nice!


Kiss It Short and Simple. That is the most easiest and straight-forward way to breakup with some.

Leaving the breakup note on the fridge or notice board definitely works provide the concerned person sees it.

Emoji Guy Expert

They say images are worth a thousand words, well in this situation, emojis are worth a thousand words.

This guy very judiciously managed to breakup with her girlfriend with the use of emojis. But one thing I find strange is that he labelled her as ‘Girlfriend’ in his phone contact list. Maybe he has another one labelled ‘Wife’ as well. I am just thinking out loud here and not judging anyone!

Australia without you

Breaking up and moving to another country like Australia while giving a cake is not the best breakup note to leave behind.

Even though the cakes looks so sweet, I am sure it will leave a sour taste in the mouth for the other being left behind.

Cheeky Breakup Note

This is more like an anticipated breakup just before getting engaged in a relationship. Greg has managed to visualize everything perfectly in his mind.

Greg is also very generous leaving behind the cat to the girl and keeping the Hawaii house (which I doubt they own or even exists) to himself.

Creepy Breakup Note

Simple but effective breakup note. Nice but creepy.

Happy Valentine Farewell

Letting out your creativity and leaving a farewell breakup note or message on the wall is the best form of revenge.

Dear Erin…

You are like sunshine in the rain but I think we should cut our relationship apart. This is the most unexpected breakup note ever.


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