Zayn’s New Zombie, Metal-Inspired T-Shirt Has Metal Fans Pissed

Despite chickening out to go on stage for his first performance (that seriously happened), former One Direction member-turned-solo-singer Zayn Malik has a new T-shirt that depicts him as some kind of hero running away from zombies (which, let's face it, probably represent all the Directioners wanting to eat his brains for breaking up his band). Not shockingly, metal fans who want absolutely nothing to do with Zayn are not happy.

zayn metal shirt

The shirt, which features SLAYER-inspired text, was done by notorious heavy-metal-band-graphic-artist Mark Wilkinson, who's designed albums for bands like Iron Maiden. However, metal fans are not happy with Zayn "appropriating" their culture. Some metal fans took to Twitter to air their frustrations (which is kind of the least "metal" thing you could do to air your frustrations, is it not?).

ya no hay temor a dios @HueleALegion @sangriento105

— GorditoMetalero (@elpamelo) June 28, 2016

Above translation: "A Zayn Malik Iron Maiden T-shirt? This p*ssy can't even go on stage without freaking out because he's a f*cking fraud.

im going to sound like a hater for this but i dont like zayn's merch he could have done such cool things like a self made drawing on a shirt

— g (@Iegendliam) June 28, 2016


— Kim Kelly (@GrimKim) June 28, 2016

zayn metal shirt

What do you think of the T-shirts? Is Zayn ripping off the metal culture or simply being inspired by it? And how long do you think it will take for hipsters to start buying these and wearing them ironically? One day? Two minutes? Let us know on Twitter @Smosh!

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