Want to plan your next vacation in Mexico and stay in a Sewage Pipe?

If you are planning your next vacation in Mexico and looking for a hotel to stay, then the TuboHotel is definitely the place to go. It is situated outside the village of Tepozltan, about one hour from Mexico City and is built entirely from recycled concrete pipes generally used for building sewage tunnels.

There are 20 rooms made from nine-foot-long industrial tubes which are each fitted with a queen sized bed, a night-lamp, fan and storage inside. They are pretty basic as there are no toilets in the tubes, guests share toilets found in a dedicated toilet block.

If you want to be economical in terms of finance, this is the place to stay as the cost is very affordable.

Hotel owner Robb Anderson stumbled upon the pipes by chance, he said

‘The tubes were just lying there doing nothing so one day we asked if we could use them, they said yes so we decided to make a hotel,’

Construction of the TuboHotel took three months to build and Mr Anderson says he is proud to offer a unique experience.

‘Our market is more the traveller and hostel style but we have all sorts of people coming here because it is so unusual.’

Be sure to pop in there for a stay, even if it is for a night or two; it is really worth the detour.

Sources: Dan Delaney, The Daily Mail, Freshome.com

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