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The stupid things people say when they dont use their brain

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Whenever there is a special event which occurs or something awkward happens, there is always someone who has something to say which is either very stupid or completely dumb. There are many things that should be rightly said, however the stupid things people say are unimaginable beyond limits. As you scroll down this post, you will see the stupid things people say for specific occasions, which are not always very appropriate. Even on social media, we have lots of stupid things which are said like these stupid and funny facebook comments. If you are interested and want to further your reading on the related topic, you can check out these dumb questions asked on Yahoo.

stupid things people say

The stupid things people say when you’re pregnant

When someone is pregnant, normally, people should have lovely and have lots of positive and encouraging things to say about this exciting new chapter in your life.

But sadly enough, when you’re pregnant, there’s also a flurry of ridiculous and often rude comments. They may not necessarily be intentionally negative – they may just be trying (and failing) to make polite conversation or they are just not using their brains.

Here are some of the stupid things said to a pregnant woman.

– “Are you sure it’s not twins?”
– “You’re carrying low, it must be a boy”
-“Your baby is going to be huge/tiny!”
– “Oh wow, you’re getting big”
– “Your boobs are huge!”
– “Are you going to have a natural birth?”
– “Are you planning on breastfeeding?”
– “Have you got a name yet?”
– “Sleep while you can” (also up there with “enjoy your freedom” and other comments implying that you’re doomed for life)
– “You look like you’re going to pop any day now”
– “Are you allowed to eat that?”
– “Have you got stretch marks?”
– “Was it planned?”
– “You look exhausted!”
– “Can I touch your belly?”

Some very annoying and unwanted comments pregnant women get:

– “Oh, I never had any morning sickness/my pregnancy was such a breeze”
-“I was ripped open from end to end”
– “You’ll never sleep again”
– “Hopefully he/she is a good baby”
– Oh, and once you’ve had the baby, expect some real rippers …
– “Did it hurt?”
– “Is he/she sleeping through the night yet?”
– “Ready for another?”
– “Are you breastfeeding?” (again)
– “When are you going back to work?”
– “We never see you anymore”

The stupid things people say when you cant have kids

People have just got an art of saying the most stupid things ever depending on the sitiuation.

And typically, one of these situations, is when you dont have kids – people just start saying stupid comments as below:

-“Well if you adopt, just make sure you do it from America – there are so many kids here that need to be adopted!”

-“That means you have room for lots of dogs!”

-“I never really saw you as a kid person anyway.”

-“It’s ok. A lot of people don’t have kids, ya know?

-“Oh, doctors always get things wrong.”

The stupid things people say when are not married

As you grow up from an adolescent to an adult, you are regularly confronted with this famous question,”When are you going to get married?”

It’s as if they see you as marriage material and want to see you as married and they will keep on pestering you with these stupid comments in the list below.

-“You’re too picky. You should probably lower your standards.”

-“You aren’t confident enough. If you liked you, guys/women would like you, too.”

-“Why are you still single? Don’t you go to a huge church with lots of singles?”

-“Maybe you’re not praying enough for a spouse.”

-“Don’t worry, I’m sure you’re next!”

-“I have a friend who was 35 when she got married, there’s still hope for you too.”

-“She’s out there, man. Just have more faith.”

-“I can’t remember the last time I was single on Valentine’s day.”

-“Maybe you’re gay.”

-“Maybe you have the gift of singleness.”

-“Don’t you want to be married?”

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