31 of TheMost Strange Homes to Visit once in your life

Every one likes to build the house of his dreams but it is very costly. Most of them try adapt in a more standard and affordable house and forego their dream home. However, there are some who pursue their dream and spend hugely on building their desired homes. Whilst some of the dream houses appear incredible, there is a small portion who looks really like the most strange homes coming out of a horror movie. Then you start questioning these people’s tastes and wonder why they wasted all their money on building these strange homes.

But if you meet their owners, you will see that they are really proud of their houses as they primarily built them this way so as to attract the curiosity of people and get visitors. Most of these houses are designed by popular architects who want to display their talents and skills through the prestigious architecture of strange homes.

Compilation of the most strange homes around the world

Travel with us to visit all the most strange homes located at different places over the world.

1. The Bridge House

The Bridge House

I call it the ‘Bridge House’ and it’s find near to the lake waters. The expression “pieds dan l’eau” directly applies here as it means having your feet literally in the water. But beware of the high tides whereby you will literally be in the waters.

2. The Plane house in Abuja, Nigeria

The Plane house in Abuja, Nigeria

This is what we call ‘The Plane House’. It is located in Abuja, Nigeria and whenever you are in that house, you feel like in the first class seat of an Emirates airplane. Beware of flight sickness or airplane crash!

3. The Barrel House

The Barrel House

This house looks like a big brown barrel. It does not look very beautiful to the eyes. And I can imagine the owner saying, “I live in a barrel”.

4. The Mushroom House

The Mushroom House

If you like mushrooms in your food, that’s the place to go. But you need to watch out since are mushrooms are deadly toxic.

5. The Bubble House

The Bubble House

Want to know how it feels to live in a bubble? The Bubble house will help you do that, however you must not pop the bubble!

6. The Car House

The Car House

SEEKIRCHEN, Austria: Picture taken 29 April 2004 in a suburb of Salzburg shows a residential car-house, designed by architect Markus Voglreiter, who invested about one million euros for the exceptional building constructed in the shape of a Volkswagen-Beetle-car. The official inauguration of the car-house is on 30 April 2004, when the new renter moves into his car for a rent of 2500 euros monthly. I say what a waste of money to stay in a car house- I can easily live in my car free of charge.

7. Color House

Color House

Lots of vivid colors on house which will sparkle your eyes and make them feel like a rainbow.

8. The Jet House

The Jet House

As quick as a jet, it can get you to places very quickly. I am not a big fan of this myself, since I am scared of flights.

9. Crushed house

Crushed house

The name says it all, it’s just like the house has been crushed and squeezed by two big rocks found at both ends.

10. Cube House

Cube House

If you are fond of Rubik’s cubes, then you will surely like these cube houses. If I get an invitation, I will surely like to see the interior design and decoration.

11. The Deconstructed House

The Deconstructed House

It looks like as if someone from outer space has deconstructed the house pieces by pieces and tried to reassemble all parts of the puzzle in the wrong order. It’s unique but bizarre.

12. The Deconstructed Church

The Deconstructed Church

It is the same as the previous weird house except the deconstruction applies to a Church, which is quite odd and unusual.

13. Habitat Machines

Habitat Machines

It is called the “Habitat Machines” and designed by an architect David Trautrimas. I dont know what he had in mind when he designed this, but if you ask my opinion, for me, it looks just like a modern weighing balance.

14. Heliodome solar home

Heliodome solar home

It is a Heliodrome house made most from solar panels for its own energy consumption. It is a quite a strange house in shape, but at least it’ a green home.

15. The Steel House

The Steel House

The Steel house has been designed by the Sculptor, Robert Bruno and made of 150 tons of steel that rests on narrow legs, giving the illusion of a hovering spacecraft. If you ask me, without being too nasty, I think it looks more like a giant pig from the front angle. I am sure I might be wrong though.

16. Missing tetris piece

Missing tetris piece

This is for the Geek fans out there, who are arcade game lovers of the popular Tetris. I called it the ‘Missing Tetris Piece’ house. I need to ensure it is stable before entering this.

17. The Seashell House

The Seashell House

That is definitely a seashell that we see here. But where is the entrance door;I don’t see one. Does it open when it is underwater?; then we need to wait for the next Tsunami to enter!

18. The Shoe House

The Shoe House

Someone lost a shoe here? You wont get it back because someone started living in  it.

19. The Water Can or UFO?

Strange Homes - The Water Can or UFO?

This is one of the most bizarre homes I have ever seen.It is sort of a mixture of a water can and a UFO space vessel. Whatever it is, it’s not somewhere where I shall live in.

20. The Picnic Basket House

Strange Homes - The Picnic Basket House

Well there’s nothing much describe here-it literally looks like a picnic basket. We must check if we find the good things inside.

21. The Blue House

Strange Homes - The Blue House

Some artist painted his house on the outside as well as the inside in blue. He must really like the color blue otherwise I don’t see the purpose of painting a house in blue like that.

22. The Distorted house

Strange Homes - The Distorted House

When you look at this house, it appears that your vision is completely distorted when in fact its real. It feels like you are in the warp zone and travelling in space and time.

23. The Fallingwater, in Pennsylvania (USA)

The Fallingwater, in Pennsylvania (USA)

When I see this, one thing ponders in my mind – this must have cost a fortune to build next to a waterfall. Even though it looks nice, in my opinion it is not really worth it.

24. The habitat

The habitat

This the habitat which can house a large number of people. It looks really bizarre and makes sometimes wonder how these architects design these kind of homes.

25. The Igloo

Strange Homes - The Igloo House

Maybe if you go inside, you might just see little penguins watching TV. And wear a Kimono when you go out even if it’s hot.

26. The Inverted House

Strange Homes - The Inverted House

Stand on your hands and you will see the house in the correct position. It has been very ingeniously designed and constructed but does not look so attractive.

27. The Radiant Proliferator

The Radiant Proliferator

Great piece of work in terms of construction but aesthetically bizarre.

28. The Teapot

Strange Homes - The Teapot House

Would you like a hot cup of tea? It is really strange to live in a teapot if you would ask me.

29. The Tree house

Strange Homes - The Tree House

That’s one weird-looking house that we have here.

30. Ufo house

Strange Homes - The UFO House

This is a spaceship shuttle to welcome out the aliens when they land on Earth. There is even a small picture of an alien on the house. We welcome you ALIENS!

31. The Vortex

Strange Homes - The Vortex House

I call it the Vortex or Black Hole. It looks like a passageway to another galaxy or something which has sucked in everything in this World. You don’t have bizarre homes like that everyday.

Wrap Up

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