23 of the best Simpsons chalkboard gags of all times

I was and am still a huge fan of the ”The Simpsons”. For many of us, The Simpsons have formed part of the foundation of our childhood. Who did not love the lead character Homer in the episodes? And also the very special and mischievous character known as ‘Bart’. Many reviews stated that The Simpsons predicted many future events, technologies and even the Coronavirus. I don’t know how much of this holds true, but that’s another story. If you still remember the cool intro song and video of The Simpsons, you will recall that it is focused on Bart skating in town to then finish at home. you will also recall that there is a moment that Bart keeps writing lines on the chalkboard at school as a form a punishment. These Simpsons Chalkboard gags are really hilarious and I have focused on showing you some of the best chalkboard gags ever shown on the episode.

#1 “April Showers do not bring Matt Lauers”

#2 “I saw nothing unusual in the Teacher’s lounge”

#3 “Network TV is not dead”

#4 “I will not wait 20 years to make another movie”

#5 “I will not mock Mrs Dumbface”

#6 “It’s not too early to speculate about the 2016 election”

#7 “I will not illegally download this movie”

#8 “I will not pee my pants on my Treehouse of Horror DVD”

#9 “Snow Angels are not frozen Hobos”

#10 “Grammar is not a time of waste”

#11 “Beans are neither fruit nor musical”

#12 “Bart is at a Doctor’s appointment”

#13 “I will not wear white after Labor Day”

#14 “We are not all naked under our clothes”

#15 “I’m sorry I broke the blackboard”

#16 “Call your mother during the commercials”

#17 “I will not hide the teacher’s prozac”

#18 “Homer and Marge are not breaking up”

#19 “I will not draw naked ladies in class”

#20 “I will not speculate on how hot teacher used to be”

#21 “I will not defame New Orleans”

#22 “I will not waste chalk”

#23 “Jesus’s last words were not TGIF”


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