Saturday Memes| What can be more painful than working on a Saturday?

When you have been working for what seemed like more than a week and you impatiently wait for Friday to come to enter the weekend with  lots of planned activities coming, suddenly your boss says you need to come for Saturday to complete the pending works. And you need to cancel out all your plans for the weekend. This seems like the end of the world and you feel so angry and depressed. What can be more painful than working on a Saturday? I feel bad for these people because I have myself been in these situations several times and I can understand their feelings of disgust. Well, these working Saturday memes depict the true feelings of despair for those people who need to work on Saturdays.


But I work tomorrow


I don't always work on Saturday but when I do


You can come on Sunday too if you want


I don't want to go back to work


are we going to work on the weekend again?








working saturday meme












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